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About This Blog

The purpose for this blog is to allow me to get my legislative posts off of my main business blog so that I can keep it better focussed , and to provide a dedicated venue for discussing the issue of how best to oppose the rash of anticompetitive interior design legislation that is out there, and sharing information to that end.

This is my private forum, and this blog is not affiliated with any organizations other than California Designers Against Legislation (CADAL). Neither this blog nor CADAL have any commercial intent, they are both non-profit, and I do not earn any money or have any other gain from either. Both exist solely to disseminate information and to educate as many designers and other interested people as possible about the problems with design legislation, to provide a discussion forum on the issues, and to offer a wide cross-section of links to other related sites of interest.

The opinions stated represent my own only, and in the case of comments or reposts of other people’s materials, those of the commenters and the named original authors of the posted material.

Please bookmark us, link to us, and visit often.

And please be sure to leave your comments and questions! I hope to build a strong community of like-minded people to work on this issue together, and we can only grow if you participate.

Respectful debate and thoughtful commentary about other points of view will be considered for posting, but comments containing personal attacks of any sort, pro-legislation rants, and/or lacking independently-verifiable documentation of points made will usually not be accepted.

There is already ample documentation for the case against legislation, which may be found by following the many links on this site and on the Interior Design Protection Council’s website at

If you want to present a different point of view, in favor of legislation, it’s up to you to back up a need for it in similar fashion, or your comment will not be posted here.

“Independently-verifiable” means you can show documentation and hard data from third party sources that anyone can check that support your point of view. In other words, you can show facts and figures to back it up, not just opinions. If you want to make a claim about designers causing harm to anyone, for example, show me the data to prove it has actually happened – facts, figures, dates, names, citations from journals, third party databases, documentation of relevant lawsuits, written reports from government agencies or research organizations showing methodology and data, etc.

This blog is not to be used as a platform for further regurgitation of the same old tired, unsubstantiated pro-legislation rhetoric.

If you are aware of any breaking news anywhere about interior design legislation, please let me know and I’ll be happy to post about it.

Wendy Hoechstetter

Hoechstetter Interiors

Protecting interior designers’ rights to practice

Magnifying, illuminating, and exposing the interior design cartel

Educating the design community, legislators, students and consumers

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