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Stagers and Feng Shui Experts Affected by Legislation – You Need to Educate Yourselves

Anyone practicing feng shui should also beware for the same reasons as outlined below and in the linked article about why real estate stagers are impacted by interior design legislation.
I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to read the following message and the referenced article, and to beware, if you want to continue to practice your craft.
You can help protect your rights by spreading the word on your own, writing letters to your own legislators to oppose unfair and anticompetitive interior design legislation, by testifying at hearings on proposed bills in your state about how you would be negatively impacted, and by sharing the below information with your colleagues.  Feel free to ask any questions here that you like.
From the Interior Design Protection Council:
Recently, we became aware of positions and statements originating from the staging profession purporting that regulation of interior designers does not affect real estate/home stagers and they should not become pro-active in protecting their freedoms.

This is not only far from true, but is a dangerous position that could potentially place real estate stagers at great risk.  Practice laws in states like Florida and Alabama have been a detriment to real estate stagers, and if similar practice acts are allowed to be enacted, stagers will continue be impacted.  Sadly, the advice which has been given to stagers recommending that they do not look into this issue lacks a clear understanding of the nuances of regulation, and rather than advancing member protection, it serves only to encourage stagers to withdraw back into complacency instead of continuing to actively engage in this important issue that has and will continue to impact staging professionals if left unchecked.

Click here to read IDPC’s Position Paper:

The Collateral Affect [sic] of Interior Design Regulation on Real Estate Stagers

Stagers, please join the fight for your right to perform your services free from arbitrary government interference.
Take part in the freedom movement to ensure that legislation which would restrict your scope of work is never enacted. You can help by joining our team!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at

Patti Morrow

Executive Director
Interior Design Protection Council


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