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IN Registration Bill Snuck into Health Care Bill

SB 337 will hurt your ability to compete!


IDPC has just learned that SB 337 which passed the Senate but stalled in the House Rules Committee, is being revived as an amendment to be tacked onto HB 1573, a bill which concerns Health and Provider Services.

This is exactly the kind of deceitful, under-the-radar effort that resulted in so many states enacting title laws.

That was then.

Now, we are watching every move and today we are alerting the honest, hardworking interior designers of Indiana, that you need to ACT NOW to prevent this amendment from being included in the health care bill.

This amendment is an exercise in wasting taxpayer money, government time and state resources. The bill serves absolutely no public purpose, and merely duplicates what is already available through private organizations.

This amendment will ONLY benefit a very small minority of interior designers who will be able to market themselves as “State Registered” and YOU WILL NOT.

The amendment is scheduled to be introduced next week, so please take a few minutes to send a letter to your legislator today. Click here to find your legislator.

Click on this link to contact Governor Daniels and ask him to withdraw his support for this bill, as it has EXACTLY the same effect as the bill he vetoed, contrary to what his chief of staff may have told him.

Write your own letter or cut-and-paste the sample letter below. Faxing is preferred, if possible.

If you are in a neighboring state, but practice [or plan to practice in the future] interior design in Indiana, you should also write to the Governor.






>[Your Letterhead]

April 9, 2009

Re: Vote NO to amendment to HB 1573

Dear Representative [Name]:

Please VOTE NO on an amendment to HB 1573 (Welch), which concerns Health and Provider Services, to include requirements for the registration of interior designers. Such a law is completely unnecessary, confusing to the public, and will have a negative impact upon my business by making it more difficult for me to compete in this very difficult economic climate.

The majority of Indiana’s designer, of which I am one, are against granting this small group a state-sanctioned registration that they will then use to gain an unfair economic advantage over my business. It is not the role of our state government to assist in the marketing efforts of one segment of the design community over another.

The public is certainly capable of distinguishing between the qualifications of the various design professionals. There are numerous websites and private organizations that market their members’ services and educate the public as to the various qualifications of designers. In addition to the NCIDQ exam which is specified in the proposed amendment, there are nearly a dozen additional certification programs that evaluate and ensure the minimum competencies of design professionals. A state list would only duplicate this process and for no reason other than to benefit a very small minority of designers and grant them a competitive marketing edge over their competitors.

That the public has no difficulty in this regard is made clear by the fact that this bill is not promoted by the public or any consumer advocacy group but rather, an select few in the design community who seek to make it more difficult for their competitors to compete for the jobs that are still available given the economy today.

Please vote “NO” on this unnecessary and protectionist amendment and allow me to continue to work and compete fairly on the merits of my skill and expertise in the state of Indiana.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter and understand my concerns.

[Your Name]

[Your Address]

Patti Morrow

Executive Director

Interior Design Protection Council

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Interior Design Protection Council | 91 Reserve Place | Concord | NH | 03301


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  1. So Patti
    I guess you feel that your are qualified and entitled to provide interior design services to hospitals, labs, clinics, long term and acute care facilities just because you think of yourself as an interior designer and you are a creative individual.
    If that is your criteria for qualifying individuals to provide high level health care related interior design services GOD HELP US ALL.

    Comment by Mike Dudek | April 14, 2009 | Reply

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