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CA – *Zero* Complaints about Health or Safety in 17 Years

Thanks to David Wagner of CCIDC for the following information.

Clearly even being certified or licensed doesn’t stop unethical designers from doing things like embezzling money and violating other laws within the industry, though, so so much for the argument that sitting for the NCIDQ and getting some official credential will automatically make one more “professional” or knowledgable than anyone else.


I sit on “The Board of Directors” of “The California Council for Interior Design Certification”. Our website is The State of Califoria mandates that we keep accurate records of all complaints filed against Interior Designers whether Certified or Not. Here are the “FACTS”.

Since we began keeping records in 1992 we have not received even “ONE” complaint regarding the issues of Health and Safety. “NOT ONE COMPLAINT” I can’t begin to tell you the amount of complaints we have received regarding Clients Welfare.  These complaints are relegated to embezzelment, acting as a General Contractor and other complaints generally regarding monies. Every State and most Cities have Civil Courts where these matters are ajudicated.

Considering that California has certified over Four Thousand Interior Designers and has Thousands of Non-Certified practicing Interior Designers, I feel the FACTS I have presented in this forum speak for themselves. Not “ONE COMPLAINT” regarding clients “Health or Safety” has been submitted in almost “SEVENTEEN YEARS”.

Respectfully submitted for your consideration……

David Michael Wagner, CID
Wagner Kitchen Design
Long Beach, California
Independent Director
California Council For Interior Design Certification.


April 7, 2009 - Posted by | California

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